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Parenting Explorers was created with the ethos in mind that parents are the experts in their own children. But I am here to be your mindful guide, support and assist you through your pregnancy and parenting journey for your mental well-being, sleep needs, forest school inspired early learning, building secure attachments and enabling positive behaviour.

Children love to explore the world around them and have an inherent need to wonder, ask questions and seek to find answers in their experiences. So here at Parenting Explorers we let nurture and nature do the teaching; to help improve sleep, promote positive behaviour through secure connections and inspire little and big minds; with a little help from us.

How Parenting Explorers can help you:

Do you want expert Gentle Sleep, Early Years and Parenting Support Services?

Are you a parent of a baby or child with sleep difficulties, or are you concerned about your child’s behaviour or would like to find out more about inspiring nature play based activities?

My evidence-based certified holistic sleep and early parenting services can help you to get a better night’s sleep, improve child behaviour, development, emotional connection and confidence using responsive & attachment -based strategies.

I can support you to develop creative play-based strategies that suit your child’s unique needs with 1-2-1 support and a range of workshops and courses.